Wednesday, May 5, 2010


(this is what people around think what love is)

* is a dance. It takes patience, practice and time to get the steps right
* is family and friends
* is when your heart races when you see that special someone after an hour or a day apart, and you get butterflies when they kiss you, and at that moment you know you will be together forever
* is the key to the gate of happiness
* is an unexplainable feeling. It is a feeling of being complete!
* is an unexplainable emotion that someone feels. It can make your life crazy and calm it down at the same time. You know you love someone when you can talk about anything and everything and they like you more for it. Love is one of the mysteries of life but is also wonderful
* is being with someone you care about and you will never be able to stop thinking about them
* is like heaven there is a lot of things to learn about love and there is no end in love untill you break up with them
* is everything - you can't see it but you can feel it...
* is being happy and comfortable with that someone and you can just be yourself and when you wake up next to them, you think that you two are the only people in the world that matters
* is is honesty, trust, and respect
* is always being there and be faithful to that person. Also it means to accept someone for who they are and not what they have, or what they do. Love also means to bring that person's name up in whatever you do so they know that you love them and will always be there for them
* is a feeling of great joy that is healthy!
* is when you spam the person you love with 'I Love You' and it doesn't even begin to explain how much you really love them
* is when you start living for someone else
* is when u want to grow old with a person and they make you happy
* is God's gift
* is a choice and you are the only one who is responsible of the outcome
* is when you have feelings for someone, you cannot see love or hear it but you can feel love between two people
* is giving the people you love everything you can to make them happy and not ask any thing in return
* is when how hard things get you still love that person, you never walk away and no matter what they look like you still want to be seen with them in front of your friends. Love makes the strongest people fall to their knees...

"What is Love to you...?"


  • Sharinginfoz said...

    memang love is very important yang penting sabar dan of course ikhlas.. dan banyak lagi

    shasa_fiez said...

    love or sayang bleh ditfsir sebagai s-sehati sejiwa, a-arah yg satu, y-yakin & setia, a-ambil berat n-niat yang suci and g-gurau senda.. ^_^..

    L.Lawlett said...

    love is a feeling of happiness.when you love someone , you feel happy.

    Anonymous said...

    love is an everything!

    Akif Mazlan said...

    bagi saya love itu macam kurap,
    lagi digaru lagi sedap,
    boleh camtu?

    nadiah said...

    sharinfinfoz,shasa_fiez,L.Lawlett,centado and Aktif Mazlan....
    cinta ni segalanya,memerlukan dan diperlukan,manis kala disayangi dan menyayangi,bila kita disayangi kita rasa suka sangat,betul gak kata mazlan cinta ni macam kurap,lagi digaru lagi sedap..kan cinta tu buta...

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